Smart Lobster Processing Plant

Our Smart Factory was born from our vision to improve the traditional methods used in seafood harvesting with sustainable technology. We began from analyzing Atlantic Canada’s iconic lobster industry. Routed in traditional labour-intensive techniques, lobster fishing has been the livelihood for many people, specifically in the North Atlantic of Canada, for centuries. The industry has suffered and flourished within an ever-changing economy. Factory methods are heavily based on manual efforts that are highly inefficient, yield high-error rates and have high potential for danger. Without standardization and sustainable management, factories are unable to compete with the demand for large-scale production from the international market.

By partnering with local fishermen, we have designed smart technology to advance and improve these age-old methods, both from economical and environmentally sustainable stand points. Our team at Marine Thinking understands the processes of everything important in the seafood industry. It is so important for us, that our clients feel supported from catch to plate, so we created our Smart Factory solution —Atlanet.

Our intelligent technical experts will inspect and evaluate your needs, on-site, and build you a customized solution. We partner with you every step of the way to improve your production. Incorporating the very best of artificial intelligence (AI), software, hardware, and customer service solutions, Atlanet delivers a tailored, multi-step comprehensive ecosystem. It is capable of grading and sorting, holding, packing, and finally monitoring your goods, to ensure your product is the highest quality, and arrives securely to its destination. Each step can be used on its own, to improve efficiency in areas, reduce cost, or as a complete ecosystem to boost the overall effectiveness of your entire business.

The first step in our factory is our AI Grading System. This is an innovative departure from the manual-human grading system that is still widely used in the fishing industry today. It is designed to reduce operational costs, and drastically increase grading accuracy and efficiency up to 400%. Our AI Grading System is able to autonomously detect and classify the condition of the catch in real-time, for example weak lobster detection.

In order to control inventory and manage orders, we have developed an all-encompassing digitized Inventory Management System. This system has the ability to record and process all inventory related tasks, from the start to end of your product’s inventory life cycle. Our system imports the data collected during grading, and categorizes the inventory before sent to packing. During packing, a unique data tracking method is used to summarize all relevant history and data from the product grading, which is made accessible to the end-user in real-time.

With the help from AI, our Environmental Monitoring System can capture, analyze, process and store data such as water flow, temperature, salinity, oxygen, and more. As time passes, our system will learn your factory setup and be able to proactively make recommendations or provide solutions based on the parameters of your selected environmental variables to improve quality assurance. Our unique AI algorithm will suggest the best adjustment method for you based on the holding change data from Inventory Management System. This will assist to mitigate problematic issues that may occur in your factory and significantly reduce mortality.

During the packing process, we convert labour-intensive workflow into a more ergonomic and efficiency-oriented workflow. Our AI assisted packing process allows each workstation to have a real-time overview of total product order. This eliminates overlap error from each workstation and ensures that product weight is packed accurately and precisely. Our streamlined process improves work efficiency and reduces both human errors and operational costs.

Logistic Tracker helps you track your order in real time, based on data accessed from our vast cloud service. Our system understands the impact of travel on your product, such as transporting live lobster. Therefore, by having access to cloud data, you can monitor the handling and condition of each shipment to achieve higher quality control and manage complete traceability. If the mortality raises, you will be able to know the lobsters are abused during transport. With accumulated data, our AI model will recommend the correct number of ice bags needed based on destination and season.

With AI incorporated into each step of the factory process, we have designed a highly efficient and sustainable ecosystem. Altanet will ensure that you are connected to your inventory and maintain control and traceability during each stage, streamlining management, and operational tasks into one complete system.